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HOSTING PLAN - Regular Price !
$ 2 . 90 $ 3 . 45 £ 1 . 85 £ 2 . 20 2 . 20 2 . 62
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • 2 Domains Hosting
  • MySQL(v.5)
  • PHP5, ASP.NET...(more scripting)
  • SITE Builder
  • Zacky App Installer


Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are servers that are dedicated to just one purpose and one company, individual, or purpose. Having dedicated servers gives full control over the operating system and hardware. The hardware for dedicated servers is owned by the hosting provider and they may provide support or other upkeep and thus can reduce overhead costs and increase the profit of their clients.
All prices include VAT.
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